Dixie Belle - Boss


A great and much needed addition to the paining world!

Dixie Belle BOSS blocks anything from bleeding including stains.  It also acts as a primer and is smooth to apply.  This product comes in 3 sizes (8oz, 16oz, 32oz) and 3 colours (Clear, White and Grey).

Blocks Odour, Stains, Stops Bleed through.

This product eliminates odour, has stain blocking technology and is perfect as a primer, all wrapped up in one product.

Wood tannins are a painters worst nightmare requiring shellac / high VOC based products to block these.   

236ml (8oz) gives 37.5 sq ft of coverage (3.5 sq m)
473ml (16oz) gives 75 sq ft of coverage (7 sq m)
946ml (32oz) gives 150 sq ft of coverage (14 sq m)

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed; keep away from eyes and children.

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