Extra Coat Silk Sealer

A water repellent top coat that dries to a silky satin finish and is tough as a tough coat should be.  A must have product for those areas needing extra protection, whether that be painted table tops, kitchen cabinets or high traffic areas.
Water based sealers such as this product are best used over lighter colours as they are non-yellowing.  Applying this product over darker colour can make it appear 'cloudy' if applied too thickly.  An oil based sealer such has Fusion Mineral Paint Hemp Oil or Dixie Belle Hemp Seed Oil is better suited to darker colours.

How to Apply

This product is best applied in very thin layers with either a brush or wiped on.  It is recommended that two or three coats are applied for best durability.  Highly recommended is Dixie Belle's Blue Gator Hide Sponge.

Product coverage

473ml (16oz) gives 75 sq ft of coverage (7 sq m)

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