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Retreat Range Gift Box

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 Retreat from the busy world and let each scent envelop you on a journey of renewal.

Our Retreat Collection is home to soothing, cleansing and invigorating scented candles to boost your wellbeing.

Light each candle in turn, beginning your journey with clearing and calming the mind, softly setting your intentions and finally, refocus and renewal.

Purify is the first stage of your journey; clear mind and space with the soothing scent of sage.

Meditate is the second stage of your journey; relax and bring calm for mindful practice with the deep, relaxing scent of copal.

Renew is the final stage of your journey; awaken and refocus with tangerine, lime & herbs.

These smaller sized candle tins are perfect for moments of mindfulness on the go.

Burn Time: up to 25 hours (each candle)
Size: 6.5cm x 6.5cm
Fragrance: Meditate, Renew, Purify (x1 of each)
Pack Size: 3 per pack